Bill Keane had it right

May 21st, 2011

Today I’m asking the question to one of life’s greatest mysteries. Why when you ask a kid to do something for you, this is what occurs?

Today was clean carpet day, cause I have a 14 year old Dalmatian who has forgotten what the backyard is for, and while no matter how much I vacuum to get up the dog hair, my carpet cleaner always pulls up wads of it. Anyway, I asked Middle to get me one of those little plastic shopping bags so I could pick up the dog hair before it clogs up my cleaners. So why must she roll around the couch, then stop by the bathroom to check out her hair before she gets to the pantry. Why must it take her five minutes to walk ten feet? Cause I really would like to know.

Charity Received, the cover unveiled

April 18th, 2011

Not certain what is up with the bird wings but….here it is.

And just to tease you, here’s another excerpt:

Chapter Two

Dipping the quill into ink, Remy stared at the blank parchment in front of him on the desk and gave a weary sigh. Night after night with the same outcome was beyond frustrating; that Raym, the traitorous bastard, was still managing to elude them had him on edge.

And he was not alone. Bale was a mess. Living with the constant fear that Raym would once again kidnap his mate made him a bear to be around — not that Remy could blame him. He was just tired of receiving the brunt of Bale’s bad temper.

Setting the quill down before rubbing a hand over his face, Remy snorted. Faith had been another kick in the ass. No one had believed himself more unworthy of a mate than Bale, and then along came Faith. Before the Grigori’s grand fall from grace, little had been known of the preciousness of heart mates. It had been a hard lesson to learn, and it made protecting Faith even more important. It also gave Remy hope that his wait was almost over. That Dara, the mate he’d lost so long ago with the sinking of Atlantis, would be reborn soon.

Remy shuddered. Though he could only pray she wouldn’t return as a vampire. Bale and Faith not only shared a heart mate bond, they were also linked by blood. For a reason unknown to the Grigori, Faith could not ingest the blood of any but Bale’s, leaving the pair irrevocably tied to each other, so that the death of one would guarantee the death of the other. Though Remy was intrigued by this unusual development, he wasn’t about to risk tying himself to a vampire to discover the cause. The thought of providing his blood as nourishment to anyone — even his mate — quite frankly freaked him out.

Anyway, he had enough problems controlling his warriors. And then there was the encroachment of the outside world in the form of Faith’s twin, Hope, who many of the brethren felt very protective of, especially Bale and Kash. The little human was constantly underfoot, she and Kash having formed a kinship over the designing and making of weapons.

Then there was Zeke and his werewolf. Charity Darinn had been instrumental in helping track down Faith when Raym had kidnapped her, and it wasn’t unusual to see Zeke leading the wolf around the dark streets of Seattle. Like Kash and Hope, the pair had bonded too, but over their love of hunting demons. Apparently Charity had one mission in life: to eradicate as many of the aberrations as possible.

Remy glanced up at the knock at the door, and after bidding the individual to enter, he cursed under his breath as Levi crossed the threshold. Remy didn’t even have to ask. One look into Levi’s wild gaze spoke volumes. The visions were taking their toll on his friend.

Of them all, Levi’s “gift” was the hardest to endure. While Bale could affect the weather and Remy could manipulate the mind, Levi was forced to helplessly witness events like the night Raym had proven himself a traitor. He’d attacked Zeke, almost causing the other male’s death, and had murdered his own twin, Caym.

But recently Levi had been plagued by the recurring vision of a young girl fighting for her life. If this vision persisted much longer, Remy feared for Levi’s sanity. He shut the journal and pushed it to the side as he beckoned Levi forward. It wasn’t like he had anything to really add, anyway.

And daylight was waning. Soon he would send his warriors out into the night, because Raym had to be stopped.


“Yes, Kash is my mate.”

Zeke woke with a start, covered in sweat. “Christ,” he mumbled as he sat up and ran a hand over his bald head. He kept reliving that night six months ago, when Hope had uttered those words. The same night the brothers had rescued Hope after she’d been kidnapped and Kash left for dead by her father’s vampires. And he didn’t always wake there. Some nights the dream turned more nightmarish, ending when he attacked Kash with his double-edged ax.

Something about Faith’s twin set Zeke on edge, and what he needed to do was eradicate the emotion before it drove him insane. At one time he might have considered fucking her, if for nothing more than to purge her from his system. But since their brother Raym had turned traitor and kidnapped Faith only days after they had gotten Hope back, Zeke would not place the female in a position to draw Raym’s attention. Especially while she was still completely human and totally vulnerable.

Maybe if she were already a vampire…

Zeke shook his head. Not a chance in hell. What he really needed to do was find someone else to make him forget about the little blonde. Frowning, he considered that thought, then contemplated a certain red-haired werewolf. Charity.

She was one of the first females in centuries whose very presence didn’t turn his stomach. There was Faith, but in truth, Zeke merely tolerated the vampire because she was Bale’s mate and had brought Bale back from the edge. Charity, on the other hand, Zeke found he actually liked to spend time with. There was a hardness to the werewolf that matched his own cynical nature. While the notion would probably send his brothers into apoplectic shock, Zeke considered the female his friend.

Yes, Charity might work.

After a quick shower, Zeke went to the library, where the brothers met each night before heading out to patrol the streets of Seattle. This was the time they discussed what had occurred the previous evening and received their assignments. By dawn, most were usually dead on their feet, so only events that were truly important were disclosed to Remy, their leader, before going to bed. And recent occurrences — what appeared to be wild animal attacks — weren’t exactly in the scope of the Grigori. It seemed to be more a problem for the human authorities. That wasn’t to say the brothers weren’t keeping an eye on the situation, but their priorities were to hunt down Raym and rid the world of Lucifer’s demon spawn.

Bale, Faith, and Arak were the only three present when Zeke entered the room. With the dream still at the edge of his consciousness, seeing Faith made him edgy. And he knew from past experience the unease would only grow worse with Kash’s arrival.

“Are you planning to go to the club tonight?” While Arak could be asking any of the three, his attention was centered on Zeke.

A grunt was Zeke’s only response as he sat on a desk that was shoved in the corner. With the way Faith was curled into Bale’s side, there was plenty of room to sit on the couch beside her, but Zeke wasn’t about to get any closer to Bale’s mate than he had to.

“Yeah.” Bale barely lifted his gaze, focusing completely on his hand as he gently massaged his mate’s neck.

“You’ve been spending an awful lot of time there.”

That comment brought Bale’s head up in surprise, until he realized Arak wasn’t speaking to him.

“And?” Zeke drawled as he braced his hands behind him and leaned back, the motion causing his black leather vest to part, revealing small silver hoops protruding from each nipple. As Faith eyed his chest, he could almost see the question lurking in her mind. She wondered if any other part of his body was pierced, but he wasn’t about to appease her. Though Bale’s reaction to his describing in vivid detail where each and every piercing was would be rather amusing.

Arak shrugged, examining his nails in a failed attempt at nonchalance. “Just curious as to whom you’ve been getting your funky on with.”

Zeke released a snicker of amusement. “Don’t go confusing why I go to Club Dominus and why you do, my brother.”

That brought a smile to Arak’s lips. “I could only hope you’d make better use of that huge cock of yours.”

“Watch your language in front of my mate.” Bale frowned at Arak.

Faith rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah, like I haven’t seen Arak fucking my waitresses outside my office. I’d rather hear about his big cock than be forced to see it in action.”

“I would prefer you see neither his cock nor his action,” Bale stated, casting a glare at Arak. But Arak’s unrepentant smirk said it all.

“I’m not the one who started the encounter. Calie jumped me as I was exiting the bathroom. What can I say? The ladies love me.”

Bale shook his head in disgust, and Zeke couldn’t blame him. Sometimes Arak reveled in playing the ass.

“Kill the dumb bastard later,” Zeke said, jumping in before Bale could come back with a stinging retort. He really didn’t have the energy to deal with the two bickering like old ladies. “When I’m not around. I don’t want to get into it with you, Bale. Not to save his worthless ass.”

Arak was nodding, merriment still plastered across his face. “Anyway, we were discussing Zeke’s attempts at getting laid, not mine.”

“I didn’t realize I was attempting any such thing,” he said drily. Who and when Zeke fucked was nobody’s business but his, and he strove to keep it that way. He didn’t feel the need to show his pumping ass to the world the way Arak did. Before he could add something about Arak being a man-whore, Jet entered the room.

“Can we discuss who you fuck later?” Jet scowled at the occupants, and Zeke wasn’t certain if it was due to the conversation or Faith’s presence. Jet had little use for females, his dislike of the fairer sex running deep. In recent weeks, even dealing with their sister, Penny, had sent Jet into fits of anger.

Having not really known Jet well before their final punishment, Zeke couldn’t be sure where Jet’s attitude stemmed from, but since that fateful day close to twelve thousand years ago, Jet had been this way.

Zeke recognized Faith’s unease as she moved impossibly closer to Bale. A look of warning entered her mate’s eyes, to which Jet gave Bale the middle finger salute and then stalked to the window, shoving past Zeke in the process.

“Are we ready to start?” Remy asked, entering the room with Levi on his heels.

Kash was the last to cross the threshold, trailing behind the other two. Zeke averted his eyes, determined not to get caught in his brother’s gaze. The internal war he waged was precarious at best. With the dream so fresh, the rage he’d felt when Hope had spoken those words threatened to resurface. He needed to get better control over his emotions before he did something suicidal, like turn the nightmare into reality and actually vent his anger on Kash.

Kash took the last seat available — the one next to Faith — as amusement trickled through him. Most of his brothers interacted with the female with the utmost care, as if she were a contaminant that could spread throughout the Grigori. But Kash wasn’t as cynical as his brothers. There were worse things than a mate.

He’d joined the elite faction of angels because he had yearned for such an earthly connection. He’d known even then, before the Grigori’s ultimate disgrace, that he was different. With the Grigori, he’d had the opportunity to actively seek a mate without standing out, and search he had — for centuries — until, he hated to admit, he’d begun to lose hope. But Faith’s arrival had renewed his belief that one day he’d find his other half, and for that, she would always have his undying gratitude.

“Aren’t we missing Penny?” Arak asked, glancing around the room.

Casting a sidelong glance at Jet, Kash caught the other male’s scowl. He couldn’t understand his brother’s reaction to Penny or Faith, but at least Jet was consistent. He disliked both females equally.

“I sent her on a mission to gain information on the latest attack before dusk.” Remy’s gaze fell on each of them briefly. “I want everyone to be cautious on patrol tonight. Something about these animal attacks just doesn’t feel right.”

“I could get Charity’s opinion on them. There might be talk within the shifter community that could be useful.”

Kash appeared not to be the only one surprised by Zeke’s suggestion. While they had used Charity’s services several times over the past six months, he had never met the werewolf. Talk among his brothers was that there was something going on between Zeke and the female, but Kash didn’t buy it. He noticed the way Zeke reacted whenever Hope’s name was mentioned. His brother got downright nasty, and that just wasn’t like Zeke. If he had ignored everything relating to the female, that would have been the Zeke he had known for the past six centuries. Zeke didn’t consider any female worth his time and only bothered to speak to those who were Grigori, like Penny. That Zeke seemed to consider Charity an exception made Kash all the more curious about Hope’s roommate.

Deep in thought, Kash missed the rest of the conversation. Not that he even needed to attend these meetings. Until Raym was found, he was stuck monitoring the fortress every night, being the only one who understood Raym’s complex system of computers. The lack of action was starting to wear on Kash, his nerves on edge from the tension. And he was still trying to come to terms with the fact Raym had betrayed them by attacking Zeke and killing Caym. The male who had been his best friend wouldn’t have been able to commit such atrocities. But Faith had been pretty damn convincing; her description of her kidnapper had been far too accurate.

He missed his best friend.

It was better now that Penny was back. She was someone with whom he could share his disbelief and commiserate his loss. While the others raged over Raym’s actions, he and Penny still fought to reconcile the male they thought they had known with the one who committed such foul acts. But it was eating away at them both.

Raym’s lover had hardened, a shadow of her former self, and it had been a difficult transformation to watch. Kash sometimes saw glimpses of the happy female Penny had once been, but they never lasted long. There was always a reminder of all she had lost and the knowledge that sometime in the future, Raym would have to pay for his crimes. Kash only prayed it would not be Penny who’d be forced to do the deed. Killing Raym would destroy her.

Bale, Faith, Arak, and Zeke remained in the room while the others filed out. Feeling the need to ruffle Zeke’s feathers a bit, Kash turned his attention to Faith.

“So where might your troublesome sister be this evening?” He watched in amusement as Zeke automatically frowned at the mention of Faith’s twin. “I called my mate, but she isn’t answering.” A faint snort that could only have come from Zeke caused Kash to turn his head and hide a smile. Referring to Hope as his mate had originally been a lie Faith had propagated to help ease her twin out from under their father’s control, but it soon became a running joke between Hope and him. The fact that it tweaked Zeke’s temper was a bonus. Call him sentimental, but Kash wanted Hope to be happy, and for some reason, she seemed to want Zeke. Though why, Kash couldn’t fathom.

Faith rolled her eyes. “Who knows what trouble she’s getting into now. I had hoped Charity would be a calming influence.”

“Speaking of the elusive werewolf, why do I get the feeling she’s avoiding me?”

Faith glanced away, but not before Kash thought he saw pity flash in her eyes.

“Shifter. She’s a shifter, not a werewolf,” Zeke cut in.

Zeke’s anger surprised Kash. Maybe there was more going on with the werewolf than he’d originally thought.

“Funny. I could have sworn I heard you call her ‘Wolfie’ and ‘Sasquatch’ just last night.” With a look, Bale dared Zeke to refute his statement. “And you two seem to have gotten awfully close.”

“What’s your point?”

Bale ignored the threat in Zeke’s green gaze and shrugged. “Just curious.”

“Bale, why don’t you concentrate on your female, and I’ll –”

“What? Concentrate on your own?” Arak’s eyes lit with surprise. “Are you implying what I think you are? Is Charity your mate?”

Everyone in the room seemed to still, avidly waiting for Zeke’s reply. Kash had his own reasons for being interested. Though Hope denied any attraction to Zeke, Kash recognized a lie when he heard one, even without Zeke’s ability to discern lies from truth.

“Jesus Christ, no. But while she might not be my mate, she is my friend. And I’ll rip any of you a new asshole if you mess with her.”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Arak mumbled, and Kash silently agreed.

He wondered what it was about the werewolf — uh, shifter — that inspired such loyalty in others. Hope, Faith, Bale, and now Zeke, all seemed to protect Charity religiously. He strengthened his resolve to meet the female, to find out for himself just what it was about her that caused such a reaction from everyone who knew her.

Charity Received Preview

April 15th, 2011

Well I still haven’t received my cover. I know, I know.

Since I can’t show you that…yet, I thought I’d give you a little sample of what is to come. I hope you enjoy it.

After one night of passion, werewolf Charity Darinn flees the arms of her lover. For months she’d believed her mate had fallen in battle at the hands of a demon, only to discover he is not only alive, he belongs to another. But she is no longer alone and she vows to cherish the child they have created.

But her mate has other ideas. The vow taken as a Grigori warrior to protect all of mankind only seems more pivotal when it involves the female who completes his soul. With psychotic werewolves on the loose and the traitor who just happened to have been his best friend targeting all the Grigori, he will desperately search for the mate who slipped from his bed in the middle of the night. And he won’t rest until she is back where she belongs, safe in his arms.


Kneeling over the blood-soaked grass, Charity Darinn fought to contain her tortured cry as all the fragile hopes and dreams she hadn’t even been aware she harbored fractured like shards of glass. The stench of death choked her, the area littered with the outlines of those fallen in battle. But only one had caught her attention — her mate.

Hysterical laughter threatened to bubble up from her chest. Ripped from her before they’d been allowed the chance to meet, and not even the fact that he’d been a vampire could stifle the overwhelming urge to howl.

A vampire. She couldn’t even do that right.

Clenching her fists at her sides, Charity hung her head. She shouldn’t have been surprised; she was, after all, a freak of nature. After years of being paraded in front of every male old enough to mate from the time she had been fourteen until two years past the traditional female puberty, listening to her mother’s tirades had become too much to bear. So she’d left. It was easier being alone than dealing with her mother’s censure. But Charity hadn’t realized what it would mean — having no pack — until that moment.

She was truly alone.

Her wolf made a lunge for control, the need to bay over the spot their mate had fallen far too great, and Charity almost gave in. But she was mindful of Faith standing only feet away, anxiously watching her, so she and the wolf came to an understanding. They would push back the grief, do this thing for Faith, and then Charity would allow her the freedom to mourn, when there was no one to witness their disgrace.

Sucking in a strangled breath, she reached toward the spot where he’d fallen with shaky fingers. Something tickled her senses, and she latched on to the scent as if it were a lifeline. It was similar to one she was already familiar with, that of a half-blood demon, only this was far older, and her mate had wounded it before he’d been killed.

A low growl slipped from her lips. Yes, she would give her wolf time to deal with their loss, and then they would go hunting, because Charity had just found her one and only reason for remaining behind. There was still a demon she had to kill. And if she died in the process, so be it. Once the demon was dead, she had no other reason to live.

Chapter One

Charity Darinn was much more reserved than her roommate. She was reminded of this fact once again as she hopped out of the shower to the sound of Hope’s eager voice.

“You’ve happened upon the organized chaos that is the life and times of Hope and Charity. Since we didn’t answer, I’m off somewhere doing something cool, and Charity just doesn’t want to talk to you. Leave a message. Maybe we’ll get back to you. If we don’t, we had more important things. Ciao.”

A beep followed, so high-pitched it made Charity’s wolf want to howl in protest. Instead Charity furrowed her brow and cringed involuntarily. After wrapping a towel around her rather unimpressive frame, she stepped out of the bathroom, curious to hear if a message would be left.

A deep male chuckle followed the beep, forcing goose bumps to break out across her skin. Her wolf immediately took notice. Then her heart tripped at his words.

“Doll, it’s your mate. I was going to start that new piece of armor tonight and thought you might want to help. Call me. And Charity, hello. Even if you don’t want to talk to me.”

Laughter was the last thing she heard before he hung up. Unable to stop herself, she pressed the button to listen to the message again. The texture of his voice, like melted chocolate, drew shivers down her spine, and the way he spoke her name filled her with such longing, tears clouded her vision. Her wolf wanted to listen to the message again and again, panting at the cadence of his voice — and since she was a shifter, that could be literal — but Charity’s heart couldn’t bear the pain. He wasn’t hers; she would never have what Hope had found, because her mate was dead. Lost before she had ever known he existed.

Charity backed away from the answering machine. Grief was messing with her wolf’s instincts, her interest in Hope’s mate a testament to that fact. It was unnatural…but then, so was a shifter with no pack.

She fled to her room, the only place on earth she felt even a semblance of safety, and after she slammed the door behind her, tremors took over her muscles as the agony of all she’d lost washed over her. Desolation overwhelmed her, and Charity leaned back against the door, wrapping her arms about her torso as she tried to fight the despair crashing down on her.

It wasn’t until sometime later that she realized she’d slid to the floor and curled in around herself. Lord only knew how long she’d sat there in a state of shock.

After she’d learned of his death, her wolf had mourned for two days. She’d not eaten or slept, but only ran until she had been too exhausted to move another foot forward. Then she had curled up into a ball, longing for a death she would not be granted. If they had mated — if she had bitten him and made him hers — she would have expired with him. But she’d been given no such reprieve. Instead she’d found herself naked in the woods, miles from home. Blessed be for Prue and Tempy. They’d been scouring the woods, worried about her and knowing once she gained control of her wolf, she’d be too exhausted to make it home on her own.

But she hadn’t had an episode in months, certainly not in the four months since she’d moved in with Hope. Maybe because she’d avoided all things except work and hunting, and more importantly, any talk about Kash. Even a simple conversation was far too painful to stomach, so she’d evaded all of Hope’s attempts, and her roommate had finally quit mentioning him. And as for meeting him? Completely out of the question.

Oh, she’d heard all about him, anyway. Gossip traveled fast in the paranormal community, especially when it involved one of the head honcho vampire’s daughters. But knowing about Hope’s mate and actually having to endure seeing the perfectly happy couple together were two totally different things. Not that she begrudged Hope her good fortune; she wanted her friend to be happy. Charity just didn’t want to have to bear witness to the lovefest.

The sound of the phone ringing again sent her into a flurry of motion. She was so damn late now for work, it wasn’t funny. And there were only so many times she could call in sick before her boss canned her ass. How could she explain it to Faith, anyway? Sorry, but my wolf is in mourning because our mate is dead. Faith couldn’t understand the magnitude of Charity’s loss, the aching hole left vacant inside her. None of her friends really grasped the depth to which a wolf bonded to a mate. Even Charity had not realized. Until now.

After throwing on the Goth clothing she reserved for her waitressing job at Club Dominus, Charity grabbed her purse and headed for the front door.

“Chari, pick up the damn phone.”

Charity paused, hand on the doorknob, and rolled her eyes at Prue’s demand. Oh yeah, like she was going to do that.

“Girlfriend, you are late, and I’m dying to show you my new tat. Faith, the old married fart she is, doesn’t get it. I’m relying on you to show some good sense here.”

Charity smiled as she heard Faith say something about being offended, knowing her boss was anything but. Faith quite enjoyed being a married old fart. And Charity could hardly blame her. Faith’s mate, Bale, was six feet eight inches of supreme yummy goodness. Seriously hot. And completely, utterly devoted to Faith. Who wouldn’t love that?

“Just between you and me” — Prue lowered her voice — “I think Bale is a bad influence.”

“I can still hear you,” Faith yelled in the background.

“Damn vampire hearing,” Prue mumbled, and Charity couldn’t prevent the giggle from escaping her lips. She truly did love that crazy-ass bitch. “Chari, if you’re standing there listening to this, get your ass moving, girl.”

Charity jumped, then a low growl rumbled from her chest. Damn, but she hated when Prue did that. It was as if the female had extrasensory vision. And even though she knew Prue couldn’t possibly see her, she fled the apartment as fast as her human legs could carry her and jumped into her silver FJ Cruiser to speed off to work.

Well there you go. :)

And the winner is…

April 10th, 2011


Congrats, Jeanette!

To everyone else, thanks for participating. And check back. With the release of Charity Received on the 19th, I just might be giving some more goodies away in the next week or so.

Now I’m off to middle’s first softball game of the year. It’s already 80 degrees out. I’m so not looking forward to summer. :(

Angels and Demons giveaway

April 6th, 2011

Hang on to your horns and haloes—the earth is about to move.

Forget what you think you know about who is pure and who is pure evil. These three brimstone-hot stories will turn all your preconceived notions inside out—and leave you breathless.

Break by Tarra Blaize
To save her brother, Layla is forced to use her computer-hacking skills to go after Gethin, a powerful blood demon who pushes all her sexual buttons. It doesn’t take Gethin long to figure out his pretty traitor is being blackmailed. Yet even if he saves all she holds dear, she can never be his…

Deals With Demons by Victoria Davies
Talia’s inborn ability makes her the perfect demon hunter. Yet there’s one demon she can’t banish from her heart—despite the humiliation he caused. Now he’s back to cut her a deal in exchange for one last heated night in his arms. Resist? Hell, no. Forgive? Never…

My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford
Victoria should be celebrating her birthday. Instead she’s using her newly emerged powers to summon an angel to protect her from a demon out to kill her. No mere spell can hold an archangel as powerful as Michael, but the fact she’s his destined mate has him shaking in his heavenly combat boots—and in danger of losing his heart.

Warning: Includes heavenly devilish demons, devastatingly dreamy angels, and sex hot enough to melt the gates of Heaven.

Now for the giveaway: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Release Day

April 5th, 2011

Hey all. Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA. Things have been hectic here. But on with the news.

Angels and Demons is available today in paperback. You can purchase it at Samhain, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Check back tomorrow, cause I’m going to be giving away a copy here on the blog. I’ll also be on Facebook and Twitter (@madelyn_ford), as well as at the Samhain Cafe.

In other news, Charity Received will be releasing on April 19th. I was waiting until I received my cover before I posted something…but as you can see, still no cover. I’ll be sure to post it as soon I as I get it, which will hopefully be soon.

Faith Revisited an EPIC Finalist

October 27th, 2010

Late last night I discovered Faith Revisited is an Eppie finalist. When I entered the contest in August, I had no expectations of winning, and in all truthfulness, forgot all about it. So when my dear friend, J.A. Saare called last night to ask if I’d gotten an email, it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about. Since I’m up against some great writers, several of which are Loose Id writers, I still have no expectations of winning, but I get to go to Williamsburg in March for the EPICon and hang out with Jaime (who is also a finalist in the Fantasy/Paranormal fiction category, Yah!), so it’s a win-win, either way.

And to add to the good news, I received an email yesterday from my editor. Loose Id has accepted Charity Received. With that out of the way, it’s on to more edits (boo) but I’ll hopefully have a release date soon (yah).

A WTF? Halloween Moment

October 22nd, 2010

I just spent the last hour running around to different stores trying to find my 12 yr old a Halloween costume. The oldest, God love her, wanted to be a hot dog. I know *eye roll*. If she didn’t look so much like me, I’d wonder if she’d been switched at birth. But anyway, the only hot dog costumes available are for men, which there is no way is going to fit her. So idea one, shot to hell.

Last night we stopped by a store really close to our house so dd could peruse the dozen of costumes and once again, I had a WTF? Halloween moment. So this is for all those individuals who design and manufacture Halloween costumes for preteen and teenage girls: if I wanted my daughter to look like a tramp, I could dress dd in her little sister’s clothes, which in this case would be several sizes too small. What little boobs she has, I do not want advertised for the entire world to see nor do I want her ass hanging out if she bends over. And thank God, neither does she.

Oldest picked out a Mad Hatter costume (on left), which of course, they did not have in her size. Hence me driving all over trying to find another. Which I did, only in a slightly different variation (on right). This one did not come with leggings (that ass thing hanging out again) but I was able to get some funking lime green and black striped tights. Hopefully dd will be happy.

Me, I’m only mildly appeased.

Free read up at Samhain

October 21st, 2010

The middle diva is home sick with strep so I’m just dropping a quick note. The short story featuring Tory and Michael is up at the Samhellion. Enjoy!

A couple contests by Samhain authors

October 19th, 2010

I’m part of a couple contests going on over at the Samhellion, the Samhain author blog. Go check them out. You just might win some books or a Kindle.

Also sometime before Halloween, some free reads should be posted there. I wrote a short story (Halloween themed, of course) featuring Tory and Michael from My Avenging Angel. I’ll try to let you know when it goes up on the site but things will be hectic here with all the Halloween parties and getting ready for the big day. Trick or Treating is serious business in my house, lol. The kids have to set their battle plans in motion for optimum candy retrieval.

Oh, and in case you have trouble finding my icon for the Spook-a-Palooza Contest just look to the right and scroll down. Happy hunting! :)